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First Responder meets with Rotary Club of Arbroath - St John Scotland

One of St John Scotland's First Responders, James Williamson, was the speaker at a recent meeting of the Rotary Club of Arbroath.

James spoke to the group about the work of the First Responders in the Angus area, as well as the Save a Life for Scotland campaign, and public access defibrillators in the locality. 

A spokesperson from the Rotary Club of Arbroath said: "James and his fellow First Responders are passionate at what they do and we owe them out gratitude for preserving life and for the role that they have in Angus."

St John Scotland has fourteen First Responders who cover the Angus area, and in the past year, the team has attended more than 100 callouts. First Responder training includes first aid, defibrillators, resuscitation, oxygem therapy and scene management. The team are also trained by the Scottish Ambulance Service.

First Responders are also actively involved with the Save a Life for Scotland initiative, which aims to train 500,000 people in life-saving CPR skills by 2020. Every year, over 3,500 in Scotland are treated by the Scottish Ambulance Service after suffering a cardiac arrest, but only around 1 in 20 will survive. By increasing the number of those trained in basic by-stander CPR, it is hoped that more lives can be saved in the coming years.






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