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Prior visits Eye Hospital - St John Scotland

Last week, St John Scotland's Prior, Major General Mark Strudwick and his wife Sue, visited the St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem as part of a tour of the Holy City. This was an excellent opportunity for the Prior to meet the St John Scotland sponsored staff member, anesthesiologist Dr Issa Abu Saadah. 

At the end of their visit the group donated £150 towards the Eye Hospital. 

The St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem is supported by St John Scotland and many of the other St John Priories and Associations across the world. 

Owned by St John International, the hospital is open to all races and religions but principally serves the Palestinian population.

The hospital widened into a group of facilities, taking treatment out to areas in need, partly due to the severe restrictions on employment and general movement of staff and patients, now including the Separation Wall, imposed by the Israeli Government. 

Situated in East Jerusalem, the main hospital has a very modern operating theatre and a large outpatient department, as well as 49 beds. 

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