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St John Mother and Child Africa Programme - St John Scotland

St John Mother and Child Africa Programme

St John International launched the St John Mother and Child Africa programme in 2013 in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, which have some of the highest maternal and newborn mortality rates in the world. 

In many rural areas in Africa, there is a lack of health education and long distances to clinics, meaning it is very difficult for women to gain access to vital healthcare. The programme is designed to train 400 St John local community health workers in an attempt to tackle this issue.

The health workers are taught maternal and newborn healthcare practices for mothers and babies, including nutrition and antenatal check-ups, preparing for labour, and sexual and reproductive healthcare for young people. 

There is also community outreach involving and educating decision makers about the importance of maternal and newborn healthcare. Mobile clinics are in operation in some areas to bring healthcare closer to those who need it most. 

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