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Meet the Librarian - St John Scotland

THE Librarian of St John Scotland is Duncan McAra, CStJ.

He worked as an assistant in the Faculty of Advocates Library, then academic studies followed and a sixteen-year spell in London book publishing. He is now a literary agent.

Duncan is a member of the Companions of the Order of Malta and of the Clerkenwell-based St John Historical Society, as well as being a former Hon. Editor of The Heraldry Society of Scotland.

One particular quotation — by the author Claire Eliane Engel — which greatly appeals to his humour is the following: "Most of the eighteenth-century Knights stand out as active, restless, often tormented men who tried, not always successfully, to lead modern lives within the antiquated framework of the island fortress."

Duncan's advice for any members who are 'active and restless'  and stressed out by trying to lead modern lives in the digital age is simple: read a good book. He is pictured outside the Chancery, St John House, at 21 St John Street, Edinburgh.

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