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Saving and enhancing life

Your supports helps us to provide life-saving services across the country.

Donating to St John Scotland is easy and donations go directly towards supporting our projects.

  • £5 could help us continue to facilitate free CPR training sessions across Scotland

    As proud partners of the Save a Life for Scotland initiative, which aims to train 500,000 people life-saving skills in CPR, St John Scotland hosts pop-up CPR sessions across the country, free of charge, and open to people of all ages.

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  • £10 could go towards providing Public Access Defibrillators for communities across Scotland.

    St John Scotland is proud to have placed many life-saving Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) in locations across Scotland. Approximately 3,500 people undergo attempted resuscitation each year after an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, but currently only around 1 in 20 survive. By helping us to fund PADs for communities across the country, you are helping to increase cardiac arrest survival rates.

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  • £25 could pay for a Patient Transport vehicle to cover around 175 miles, taking patients to and from hospital appointments

    St John Scotland has provided a volunteer-led Patient Transport service across the country for many years, with teams of drivers in Dumfries and Galloway, Angus and Dundee and in Fife. Volunteer drivers take patients to and from hospital appointments, and carry out around 1,600 return journeys each year. Last year alone, our drivers travelled 158,005 miles.

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  • Or donate another amount

    By donating to St John Scotland you will be supporting us to provide many different services locally, nationally and internationally. We appreciate any donation that you can give us as all contributions aid us in our activities.

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Other Ways to give

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By donating to St John Scotland, you are helping us to continue our life-saving work across the country, from providing patient transport services, to ensuring communities have access to defibrillators.

For any questions about donations to St John Scotland, please contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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